How Often Do Credit Scores Update?

How Often Do Credit Scores Update? By Mindy Leisure The question is often asked, “should I pull my borrower’s credit report after the first of the month to see the most updated credit scores?”  The assumption being that credit reports update during the first part of the month…actually this is far from accurate. Credit reports … Read more

Late Payments and Revolving Balances

Late payments and revolving balances are the two things that can do the most damage to a credit score. Having a late payment show up on your credit report probably makes sense but can revolving balances really have as much of a negative impact as a late payment? Absolutely. Let’s look at late payments first. … Read more

I See Dead People

Well, perhaps not…however that’s probably how a loan officer feels when he is sitting in his office with a client, pulls their credit and it is missing one or more scores because that particular bureau is coming back with a deceased status. So he calmly smiles, looks at the client thinking to himself – but … Read more