Service Benefits

Experienced Customer Service

We will help you close loans quickly by corresponding with you via email or phone within a 2-hour window, or in some instances, within minutes!


  • Satisfy Investor or Underwriter Conditions
  • Ability to provide Alternative Credit Reports
  • Expedite closing of Loans
  • Proficient, Friendly and Reliable Service


Customer Service
  • You will always get a live person when you call
  • Our professional customer service reps are extremely knowledgeable about credit, fraud and credit bureau data and are here to assist you.
  • Satisfy Investor or Underwriter Conditions
  • Verify accuracy of any or all reported Tradelines
  • Request completed quickly
  • Unmerge and Merge Credit Reports
  • Unmerge joint credit reports between borrowers
  • Unmerge one or more bureaus from a merged report
  • Merge individual credit reports
Online Automated Service
  • Quick, Easy and Fast!
  • Order 24/7
  • Credit Reports, RMCR’s, Fannie Mae Reports, Tradeline Updates —
    All ordered with a click of the mouse!
  • Requests are automatically documented in order received
  • You can track your order online
  • Save valuable time!
Email Notification
  • Completed work notifications immediately emailed to you
  • Emailed notification of needing more information or documentation (such as borrower’s authorization)
  • Save time by not having to play “phone tag”
Loan Calculator
  • Quickly calculates the total cost of processing loans
  • Generate the list with a click of the mouse

Convenient Bill Pay Options

  • Pay online
  • Pay by Credit Card
  • Pay by Check
  • Ensures your Account is Active when you need it!