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Jackie Battle

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Jacqueline M. Battle aka Jackie Battle, comes to Advantage Credit Inc from Public Research Inc. Jackie has worked in the Real Estate Industry since high school. Upon graduating high school she completed the Real Estate Financing curriculum at Calhoun College, she became intrigued by the Principles of Mortgage Financing. Over the years she has worked for various mortgage companies and banks performing in diverse capacities in real estate settlement services. Employed by a land title company during college; Jackie, was the head of lending document preparation. She has extensive background in recording security instruments in the county real estate records, as well as public records research. She holds a degree in Business Administration as well as Criminal Justice. An active member of Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society. She is a licensed notary and a member of the National Notary Association.

As a very agile athlete, Jackie is a “baller” that enjoys playing basketball. During college she spent some time playing on a semi professional basketball team. She attended Full Sail University and majored in Media Production. Since graduating from college she has worked in Media Programming for (radio and television). Her most recent work being audio engineering for G.O. Live Television and Radio (b/k/a GoLive54321).

Jackie is excited to be a part of the staff, and looks forward to becoming acclimated to the Advantage Credit Inc ICO team.

Jackie Battle